This was sapperlot 2018


It was the tenth and very best so far. A wonderful atmosphere, nice people, a great team that kept together and an exciting program. Eight groups from abroad were present, four TPZ-owned workshops showed what they were capable of. All together showed an amazing flash mob in the historic town of Brixen, jumped on the open stage with traditional and not traditional scenes, dances and songs and showed what youth can afford if they want in fabulous street actions.

Young Bressanone musicians created the evening program, Juci Vontavon contributed to the festival with a giant mask. A totally round thing, which was well received by our guests and spectators.

All participating groups redesigned one part of the mask and handed it over to the festival team in a final ceremony. The beautiful colorful mask has got a place of honour in the TPZ and will always remind us of you, dear friends.

Thank you for this unforgettable experience, for this festival that will always have a place in our hearts.

The participating groups:

  • Theaterwerkstatt ZITRONENGELB - TPZ Brixen with "Tell me, Wilhelm"
  • So Trupa - Romania with "Clowns Engagement"
  • Youth Theatre Kregdze - Poland with "Dead Dancer"
  • Theaterwerkstatt NEO NEONGRÜN - TPZ Brixen with "Dollasilla"
  • Central Youth Theatre - UK with "The forgotten returned"
  • DDS DRIM - Slovakia with "Wave.Sk"
  • Theaterwerkstatt ZINNOBER - TPZ Brixen with "The secret suitcase of Mr. B"
  • La Torre del Drago - Italy with "anno 2035"
  • Theatretrain Basildon - UK with "Who's the man?"
  • Imagination Stage Dance Theatre - USA with "After the Silence. The Story of Being Hushed"
  • Piano Theatre - Russia with "Wings for Clowns"



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The sapperlot magazine: sapperlot news

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Kulturabend: Theaterrückblick - Thanks to Christine Helfer!

Spielzeit - TV - Thanks to Margot Mayrhofer, Astrid Kofler and Helmut Lechthaler - Online Magazine - Thanks to Wolfgang Tessadri


Last but not least: What our international friends said about sapperlot

Viskas kas turi pradzia turi ir pabaiga. Deja... Sirdyse pasiliks puikus prisiminimai ir tyli svajone kada nors sugrizti. Aciu Heidi Troi uz nuostabias akimirkas festivalyje Sapperlot 2018. Thank You for all ♡♡♡
Alles, was begonnen hat, hat auch ein Ende. Leider ... in den Herzen werden wunderbare Erinnerungen zurückbleiben und still davon träumen, sich jemals zu erholen. Danke, Heidi Troi, für die wundervollen Momente im Sapperlot 2018. Danke für alles!

Youth Theatre Kregdze (Polen)

We have returned home safely, and with 16 buzzing students. They had a brilliant time, and have come home with such wonderful memories, new friends across the world, and feeling inspired about the performances that we shared. Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful festival. We had an incredible experience, and we loved every moment. 

I didn’t get to say goodbye last night, but a big thank you to yourself, Thomas and Elfie.

Warm Wishes, 
Gemma, Erin & the Theatretrain Team

A big thank to our partners

  • Youth Hostel Kassianeum
  • Priesterseminar Brixen
  • Tschumpus
  • Forum
Dear Heidi
I think you must be brain dead - I would be after that.
But as I said to you this, for me, was the best Sapplelot for many reasons:

And to our sponsors

·  Well organised and welcoming team from Brixen
·  Some excellent productions
· Very friendly participants
· Directors who understood each other and who were not competitive
· Excellent food at Jukas
· Time to get to know each other, socialise etc and to see more of your beautiful town
· Workshops that were highly praised
· Different venues – open air was a treat and a great start to the event
· A better more coordinated flash mob that they all enjoyed
The feeling on the final evening was fantastic, you could feel the buzz between all the participants.
So well done for all your hard work and take a good rest if you can before the next thing kicks in – you are like me – always on the go.

Kevin Dowsett, Theatretrain

We had the most incredible time in Brixen. Thank you for your warmth, hospitality, great organizational skills, and wonderful festival.  It was an experience our group will never ever forget. For all of us—it was also our very first time in Italy.  We loved every minute of it.  And what an incredible opportunity to see incredible artistic work from around the world.
Many many thanks and I hope we can stay in touch.

Joanne Lamprecht

Imagination Stage Dance Theatre

E qui si conclude un'altra esperienza straordinaria che il teatro mi ha regalato. Uno dei migliori festival a cui abbia mai partecipato. Grazie a Heidi Troi per averci dato la possibilità di partecipare a questo meraviglioso festival. Grazie a tutta l'organizzazione del Sapperlot per averci supportato in ogni momento. Bressanone è una cittadina meravigliosa e il festival organizzato a dovere in ogni minimo dettaglio. Grazie a tutti i ragazzi che hanno partecipato al mio workshop The Mad Hatter.
È stata una delle più belle performance di Anno 2035 con nuove scene e nuove coreografie.
Esperienza che sicuramente riproverò in futuro...
Grazie ancora...
Regista e uomo soddisfatto... Ho fatto feedback con i ragazzi dopo qualche giorno a mente fresca... tutti d'accordo con me..è stato uno dei migliori festival a cui abbiamo partecipato.

Luigi Facchino

Associazione La Torre del Drago


A Big Big Thank to

  • Nathaly Ebner and Heidi Troi, who realized this amazing event
  • Maria Losavio and Lara Schorr, who assisted them
  • Thomas, who was everywhere - how Annie (or was it Holly) expressed it
  • Kevin Dowsett for leading the director's discussions
  • Benni Troi, who was responsible for the documentation, the branded content, the Instagram feed and the video documentation
  • Julia Vontavon alias Iamvorms and her father Klaus Vontavon, who created and built the fabulous mask
  • Nathaly (again), Jonathan and Fabio for the moderation, the funny stories they invented for you 
  • Maria Losavio and the whole team of the festival newspaper "sapperlot news"
  • to all musicians who were there for you in the evenings 
  • to the guest families
  • to all participating groups for their engagement, their collaboration and to have made the long way to be with us
  • and to the whole festival team, the actors and actresses of the TPZ Brixen from the laboratories  ZITRONENGELB, NEO NEONGRÜN, ULTRAMARINBLAU und ZINNOBER