About us

The Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum Brixen (TPZ) - Theater im Regenbogen was founded in 1990 as a children and youth theatre association, in 1999, as the activity was no longer just for the freetime sector but also for schools, youth facilities and senior citizens, it became a theatre pedagogical centre.

Since 1995 the team Annalisa Cimino, Thomas, Heidi and Elfi Troi are the heart of the TPZ Brixen. For a long time all work was done on a voluntary basis. By now the TPZ Brixen has two full-time theatre pedagogues: Thomas Troi and Nathaly Ebner.

Heidi and Elfi Troi, Lilli Unterkircher, Marion Pichler Kaneider, Benni and Jonathan Troi as well as Alessandra Luciani work on an voluntary basis.

The TPZ Brixen is based on two pillars: the theatre sector and the film sector.

The TPZ Brixen is particularly active  in the international field of theatre. The now almost 20 theatre ensembles working in the TPZ are regularly part of international festivals and exchanges. Also the TPZ Brixen itself organizes festivals and exchanges.

The children's theatre festival “HOLLAWIND”  takes place regularly,i. e. every two years (next meeting 8 - 12 May 2019) as well as the International Meeting for Youth Theatre “SAPPERLOT” (next meeting 27 - 31 May 2020). At irregular intervals, the TPZ Brixen hosts also amateur theatre festivals.

Since 2018 the TPZ Brixen has a platform for theatre education. The South Tyroleans theatre pedagogues have joined together under our roof in order to build a network for theatre education. The main topic is exchange and further training. In the near future our goal is to define the job outline for theatre pedagogues.

The TPZ Brixen itself offers regularly further education and training. These include the basic course "Steps in Theatre Pedagogy" or our course for applied media education. An advanced training course for theatre pedagogues in dancetheatre and movement theatre is in the making.


The purpose of the association is the promotion of theatre education with inclusion of other forms of expression.

The aim of the association is to facilitate the cultural participation of people of all ages with special consideration of children and young people and also those with special needs, through the realization of projects in theatre, media, dance, music, creative writing and designing.

The goal of the association is achieved in particular by the realization of, and the participation in cultural pedagogical projects in school and social areas with and for people of all age groups with special consideration of children and young people, including those with special needs, at a regional and international level.

This also includes the development of and participation in regional and international networks in the field of theatre and cultural pedagogy, and the realization and participation in exchanges regionally and internationally.

The work of the association is characterized by respect for other people and cultures. The TPZ also focuses on raising awareness of the rights of children and adolescents and of the equal opportunities between men and women.